About waterandwords

waterandwords is a girl. Obviously.

She is glad to be working on her goals of

1.) capturing more moments with Lulu (her Lumix FZ35);

2.) writing more;

3.) continuously searching for what she wants do in her life; and

4.) working on her relationship with her Creator, the one she consistently forgets.

Thanks ennife.livejournal.com for the icon, which I am using as my gravatar. Hehe.


12 thoughts on “About waterandwords

  1. I love your site, Baba! =) I need something like this. How did you make it? Kanino kaya ako pagawa, hirap eh, limited ang time. I miss all the talk we have on breaks and during work. hehehe. tc!

  2. Tel, madali lang ‘to gawin, pero kung mabusisi ka like me, matatagalan ka. Hehe. Miss na rin kita. Marami akong utang na kwento sa ‘yo at marami ka ring utang na kwento sakin. Haha. ;-P

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